About Us

A Global Automation Catalyst

We are an Enterprise Automation Platform that enables organizations to scale, optimize and efficiently manage their automation programs. At Botstatz, we are a highly customizable tool agnostic automation integrator. Aligning with the automation plan of an organization around RPA, SPA or Artificial Intelligence.

Enterprise Automation Platform
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A Passionate Team

We are a team of motivated and passionate entrepreneurs with a vision is to be leaders in automation.
Our hands-on experience in scaling automation programs has strengthened our capabilities in understanding and imparting in-depth solutions for practical challenges faced by organizations.

Accuracy | Agility | Sustainability | Usability | Scalability
Being Global Automation Catalyst and an Enterprise Automation Platform, we are built on concepts of Accuracy, Agility, Sustainability, Usability and Scalability.
At Botstatz, our aim is to streamline an automation program for conducive outcomes.
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Our Expertise

Our team is highly experienced in setting up Automation Centers of Excellence (CoE) for global organizations.
We have the perfect mix of strategy, leadership and domain experience that helps us carve a niche space for ourselves in this highly competitive market.
Botstatz has served clients and established credibility across industries. Retail, FMCG, Securities and Financial Services to name a few.

Leverage your Automation approach to deliver the best outcomes.
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We empower organizations with our insights on the health of their automation program. At Botstatz, we help manage an automation program with a detailed and bespoke workflow.

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