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Challenges faced in RPA Implementation

Robotic Process Automation has taken the world by a storm with almost everyone looking for ways to derive automation solutions. Healthcare, finance or telecommunications, the benefits of RPA can be utilized to its fullest with the right approach by almost every industry.
Implementation of automation solutions is path-breaking and anything pioneering is bound to come with challenges.
In this blog, we have covered the top RPA challenges faced while implementing RPA and the solution for them.


RPA implementation requires excellent coordination between the employees at all levels who are involved in the process automation. Coordination plays a crucial role in completing the task with utmost accuracy. This way it helps in creating a system that works with RPA rather than against it. In addition, the involvement of the IT department will be needed to minimize the risk and ensure optimal security.

Management Issues

The multiple departments and various levels of authorized people in business may complicate an RPA undertaking. There is a need for approval at all levels to execute any major resolution successfully. When it comes to RPA, it requires approval from the concerned stakeholders from all the departments. Including all the teams in the automation process would be an added advantage.

Unclear Expectations

Introduction of a new workflow comes with a lot of planning while setting a clear idea about the outcomes. A lack of clarity around the outcome of the RPA implementation makes room for a lot of confusion in the later stages of the automation life cycle. Creating awareness around the consequences among all departments will eliminate their confusions on different topics making the transition smoother.


RPA implementation is a great move towards the development of a company. However, the question now arises about the delegation of work among the employees.
It is known that an RPA implementation is a crucial task and lack of responsibility from the employees may lead to decreased efficiency. It is essential to hold the designated individuals accountable for their respective duties to make things go according to the plan.

A poor choice of pilot project

The right pilot projects make ways for the benefits of RPA to be demonstrated in a smaller and controlled way. Implementing pilot projects of RPA using a relatively large and complex process may backfire and lead to instability. Avoiding large, mission-critical tasks and working on tasks with low criticality, but high user frustration is the best pilot project for RPA. That way, when RPA reduces that frustration, staff within your organization will be more likely to support the RPA initiative.

Technical uncertainty

One of the most admired thing about RPA is its easy installation. Proper implementation of RPA is achieved when the IT team is ever ready to fulfil all operational and technical requirements. The architecture of the target environment and protection of the infrastructure assets can be protected only with a thorough understanding. The workflow can achieve enhanced efficiency if the business addresses questions like, how the application and network access will be provided and whether or not the tool used will support IT change management and automation development.
RPA is a paradigm shift in the world of technology. At, Botstatz we are global automation catalysts. Having studied the challenges and adopted the best practices to develop an RPA program management application. The perfect tool to implement RPA in a way where a program manager can measure, manage and monitor an automation program. A highly customizable intuitive interface makes it easy to govern automation while keeping a check on BOT Quality and maintenance.
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