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Problem Statement:

World’s leading physical security provider faced critical challenges in managing their workforce and ensuring enhanced productivity.


The key focus of the client’s business is to secure key installations in the cash ecosystem. The client is a prestigious member of the global security community International Security League. It has been providing manpower services, security systems, as well as technology to support the deployment and management of manpower at the world’s No. 1 airport. They deploy well-trained officers to perform services including access control, anti-touting and screening of passengers and baggage – all with an emphasis on service excellence and making every interaction with passengers a memorable experience.


  • Implementing a scalable automation solution
  • Holistic 360 Degree View
  • A huge number of processes to be automated (1:1.5 process to FTE ratio and the target to achieve 50 FTE saves)
  • Consolidating the operations in siloes


Botstatz, the leading automation catalyst globally, empowered this client with the right automation strategy which enabled the client to improve the productivity of their employees by 15%.
The automation strategy for this client covered all the business units and multiple process owners into one governance plan.
Key aspects of the solution include:

  • Identifying all critical processes within key verticals
  • Technical Assessment of all the processes
  • IT Approvals & Prioritization of the automation request
  • Monitor and Control of programs
  • Early identification of symptoms to prevent the derailing of a program
  • Delivery schedule and monitoring
  • Change management
  • SME availability and scheduling
  • Reporting in multiple governance forum
  • Budget and ROI confirmation
  • Process design details and sign off

The governance enabled the right coverage to manage all the interdependencies that would enable to run the program with higher predictability to deliver the automated use cases. BotStatz enabled the organization to fully customize and effectively manage the implementation of Automation.

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