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Customer service is an essential part of almost all businesses and automating processes can make a huge difference to the industry on the whole. Driven primarily by the changes in consumer behaviour and the need to streamline complicated workflows, businesses have started investing their time and capital in automation.
The multiple workflows and challenges faced in customer support services make it perfect for RPA to take over.

Here are some observations by our experts on how RPA could be a solution to completely change the way customer experience is looked at.

Improved customer interactions

Traditionally, it is first a customer representative who manually verifies the account of the customer with certain personal details, navigating from one screen from another and then based on the concern, the call or chat is then forwarded to the concerned department. With the innovation of RPA, navigating between multiple systems and cross-checking information can be done significantly faster, resulting in a seamless and error-free integration which significantly improves the customer experience. The time saved can be spent on attending more customer queries. Bots can also be trained to perform rule-based functions so the customers contacting will have all the updated information such as their order history and the status of pending support tickets right at their fingertips.

Real-time data integration

Repetitive processes are everywhere in the customer support industry. Customers have to confirm their respective details repeatedly while an agent sits on the other side of the screen and enters them in one field or the other. The implementation of RPA in customer support will do away with all the monotony and help improve data integration. Strategic use of RPA would allow executives to integrate customer data across the fields in the very first time it is fed into the system, increasing time-cost efficiency and ensuring a drastic reduction in error rates.

Shorter transaction times

The use of RPA in customer support would ensure that all the stored data is synced across platforms making it easily available. This not only boosts the operational speed but also reduces the hold time. Preventing the customer from getting irate with multiple questions. RPA would result in a great boost in productivity of customer service executives if implemented properly.

Improved front-end communication

By automating the mundane little tasks, RPA allows the agents to focus on building a better relationship and deliver a delightful experience for customers. It can even be used in expanding front-end office services and improve communication with the customer, such as flagging off notifications when it is time to follow up with a pending query or sending automated emails/SMS to customers about new products and services. With the use of RPA, human agents are no longer burdened with these repetitive yet crucial tasks.
While customer support is an aspect of business enterprises that can not afford complete automation, partial use of RPA technologies would most certainly ensure greater efficiency while cutting down both costs and time.

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