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RPA is not just any project implementation but a “journey” that is paving the path for the success of your organization. Learn more about this journey and what you should expect from it from our first blog in the series, “What to expect from the RPA journey?
Diving into the ideal approach for successful RPA implementation, we present the five critical steps:


First and foremost, step in the RPA implementation is to assess the areas of automation in your organization critically. Identifying the right areas for RPA implementation can contribute tremendously to the success of your organization. Automation is not the challenge, but it is critical to identify the right business processes and then eliminate the inefficiencies within these processes.

STEP 2. Keep it simple and quick.

Being a non-invasive technology, RPA can be done using APIs, but the key is to keep the implementation simple and quick! Sometimes complex processes may hinder the rapid deployment of RPA, but it is critical to rectify these inefficiencies than working on the automation of a fragmented process. So, to begin with, it is recommended to select a simple process, implement RPA and complete the implementation smoothly. In the case of complex processes, the same should be segregated into multiple simpler processes.

STEP 3. Focus on the core.

Maximum energies should be devoted to the automation of the core. This not only helps reduce the lead time but also helps drive efficiency in the implementation of RPA.

STEP 4. Follow Strategic & Integrated Approach.

Successful implementation of RPA hangs on the balance and coordination of your organization’s Business & Technology team.

STEP 5. It’s a Continuous Process.

RPA, AI, ML work hand in hand to deliver the continuous experience to the end user. RPA precedes digitization and ML in the process revolution outline. Practically, the digital input is followed by ML and then followed by RPA, resulting in the delivery of a revolutionary experience!

Benefits of using Botstatz for successful RPA implementation

  • Focus on Outcomes
  • Ability to Manage, Monitor and Measure
  • Tool Agnostic Automation Platform
  • Customizable Solution

Have you completed your RPA implementation or still exploring more about it? If you have completed, do you agree with the above 5 steps as the ideal approach for RPA implementation? Reach out to us for further discussion.

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