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Robotics Program management

Productivity is the driving force contributing to the success of businesses today! Automation can play a critical role in optimizing productivity and enhancing accuracy by delivering high ROI at the low cost of deployment.

RPA has gained precedence only in the recent past and is still commonly confused between computing and technology. Explaining in simple terms, RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a software robot which replicates human behaviour; it interacts only on presentation layer and exists as a wrapper around the software. It is a robotic software which is designed to understand the actions and then use this understanding to process future tasks.

If you are reading this, you are probably at either of these two stages; exploring the possibilities of RPA or scaling up post the pilot implementation. In either of these scenarios, you have landed up on the right page as Botstatz is the right partner for you to support in this process of RPA adoption and ensure a successful implementation.

So, let’s dive into the details of what you should expect from this journey of RPA. Beginning with some key benefits that you might observe:

  • Reduction in human intervention
  • Automation of low-value repetitive activities
  • No need for off-shore / outsourced activities
  • High Productivity
  • Round the clock activity
  • Location agnostic performance

The robotic process automation plays a pivotal role in creating a digitally empowered workforce that is well equipped to manage high volume and seasonal fluctuations efficiently. Moreover, RPA enables drastic improvements in the efficient usage of cost, time and labour.

RPA is not an easy ride!

Yes, you read it right. RPA is not an easy ride if you do not have the right partner to support you in the journey of RPA.

One of the most difficult challenges of the RPA journey is to get a consensus from all the key stakeholders and move forward in the direction of automation. Change is not so easily accepted. And it stands true with regards to RPA too, “When there is change there’s a conflict.”

Adoption of RPA is a tedious path as it involves learning and exploring new technology concepts which every stakeholder in the organization may not be aware of!
Moreover, every organization is unique in its RPA journey; there will always be some unique challenges during your journey.

The common hurdles to RPA

  • What’s so different about this? Can’t we just use a macro?
  • Let’s play it safe and wait until everybody else has it before
  • It’s the beginning of the end of our jobs!
  • It will overload our workload!!
  • Won’t we give away the control to robots?

Yet RPA is the way FORWARD!

We all need to understand that every change is challenging and RPA is no different. But it is definite that RPA is the way forward. In the last few years, RPA has matured and has become one of the most critical requirements for process efficiency which has proven credentials of being effective!
Key elements of Botstatz’s RPA process include:

  • Process Automation
  • BOT Quality
  • Live Dashboard for Governance
  • Production Support Management
  • Knowledge Base

Explore more about these elements on products and schedule a demo today to experience the power of Botstatz.
Moreover, RPA brings along the value creation by ensuring upskilling or re-skilling of the workforce, to stay competitive, which becomes an important byproduct of RPA adoption in today’s enterprises.

Found the article interesting? Connect with us for further discussion on RPA. Let us help you on the journey of RPA and smoothen it for your enterprise!

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