Maturing of an RPA Program

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) allows businesses to automate tasks interacting with the existing IT architecture with simple integration. However, maturity is an aspect that is vital to adopt, implement and scale RPA is the most feasible manner. The pointers listed below provide insights to understand the state of maturity of an organization’s RPA implementation. Goals Understanding […]

Challenges faced while Scaling RPA

Challenges faced while Scaling RPA

It is no secret that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become the one-stop answer for businesses looking to improve efficiency in their workflows by cutting down on time and costs. While RPA can indeed dynamically improve business performance by automating the mundane processes that cut into the human resource pool, an organization-wide RPA implementation sounds […]


RPA Can Change the Face Of Customer Support

Customer service is an essential part of almost all businesses and automating processes can make a huge difference to the industry on the whole. Driven primarily by the changes in consumer behaviour and the need to streamline complicated workflows, businesses have started investing their time and capital in automation. The multiple workflows and challenges faced […]

The Key to a Digital Transformation

Robotic Process Automation: The Key to a Digital Transformation

Robotic Process Automation is definitely the latest talk in tech-town and is known for all the good reasons. RPA is expected to save over 2 trillions in global workforce expenditures in the next 5 years. RPA software is an extremely effective tool that can perform manual, time-consuming procedures in almost half the time, reducing expenditures […]

Industries that can make the most of RPA implementation

Industries that can make the most of RPA Implementation

The RPA technology is currently believed by the experts to have the economic impact of over 6 trillion by the year 2025. With only a little systematic and strategic planning, implementation of RPA has the potential to drastically improve efficiency, by streamlining the repetitive process and cutting down on human errors. While almost all the […]

Return on RPA

Return on Investment: KPIs for Measuring Automation

Robotic Process Automation is an effective solution to all the concerns around cost deductions and streamlining operational procedures. To make it a feasible solution, it is crucial to take note of the Key Performance Indicators that help measure the ROI on an RPA deployment. Selecting the right pilot project It is important to keep in […]

Best RPA implementation practices

Best RPA Implementation Practices to follow in 2019

Robotic Process Automation or RPA has been dominating headlines for all the right reasons. Targeted at automating simple business procedures that otherwise rely on rational thinking RPA is an application of technology that reduces costs as well as human errors while increasing efficiency and streamlining mundane business operations such as individual responses to client e-mails. […]

Challenges faced in RPA Implementation

Challenges faced in RPA Implementation

Robotic Process Automation has taken the world by a storm with almost everyone looking for ways to derive automation solutions. Healthcare, finance or telecommunications, the benefits of RPA can be utilized to its fullest with the right approach by almost every industry. Implementation of automation solutions is path-breaking and anything pioneering is bound to come […]

Factors For a Successful RPA Implementation

Factors For a Successful RPA Implementation

A successful RPA implementation entirely revolves around the development of software that is configured by users to perform repeated, high volume and rule-based tasks. An enhanced cycle time, increased control, insights and analytics, cost savings, 24/7 operations, data accuracy and increased volumes are a few benefits that RPA adds to a business. Building on the […]

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